Monday, September 08, 2008

Weekend ReCap


Left for Milwaukee

Holy Shit first off thanks to everyone for a great weekend and a ton of shots for my broke ass..I think I am actually still peeing straight

Drinks @ the Hyatt, Dinner at Fratellos, Drinks @ Trinty, Bar Louie ...(Insert some more places here I can't seem to remember)...Hotel.


Woke up thinking there was an earthquake, then quickly realized it was just me shaking...blood mary.

Went to the Miller Brewery tour and this should definitely be a stop if you are ever in Milwaukee.

Tailgated for the Brewer Game.

Watched the Game.

Went to Rounding Third after the game then to Hart Lounge? Bootleggers.ummmm The Back to Bar Louie. Then realizing it is bar time I was granted my first experience at a George Webb....and it was fucking awesome!!!


Woke up @ eight Drove my hungover ass home. Spent the rest of the day praying death would greet me.

Watched the VMA....they sucked


Rocketstar said...

I thought you were going to switch over to the good stuff?

h*dizzle said... are a brewers fan?!!whatttt! no love for the twinkies!

h*dizzle said... are a brewers fan?!!whatttt! no love for the twinkies!

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Your weekend sounds fabulous - I'm jealous!

BORGHY said...

the VMA's really sucked! I didnt know 3/4 of the bands... I must be getting old. New Metallica out on Friday! :)

Brian in Mpls said...

Rocket) Not with the possibility of testing coming up;)

Dizz) I am a Twins fan to the core but I love Miller Park and since they are not in the same division I let it slide;)

Muffy.)It was a blast:)

B) I know right I had no idea who half of those fools were and it felt like a bad high school play or something.

( . )( . ) said...

sounds like a hell of a weekend! One I would have enjoyed.

Peeing vodka is always fun.

the walking man said...

He who wakes up shakin', either needs to piss or turn the radio up to find the beat he's dancing too.