Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend ReCap


Watched the Twins Get Smoked @ Home


Read: From Edison to iPod: Frederick Mostert. One of the best layman's books for patent and copy right protecting your work I have read to date. If you have an idea and are looking to do something with it this would be a great place to start.

Went to Rudolf's to watch the Badger Game..ouch....Twins game...ouch...

Went to Frenchman's...things get spotty....I was in several of my neighbors houses...not sure if I was invited in our just walked pong?


Woke up and had a scary moment in a scene straight out of the Godfather I peeled my sheets back and they were soaked in blood.

WFT Did I get into a fight? Kill someone?Why do I have these gashes all over my hands and legs? Run to the bathroom and look at my face.

Turns out the answer is a little less exciting. Apparently I broke a glass then kneeled in it to clean it up with my bare hands using my fingers for a broom.

It was enough to scare me though...

Day 2 on the wagon no smoking or drinking

Watched TV all day hiding in shame.


scargosun said...

Don't stop drinking. Just carry a dustpan and brush with you at all times.

Bad dude.

Rocketstar said...

No smoking or drinking for how long? How long do you plan to stay on the wagon? I was thinking of doing the same thing.

h*dizzle said...

why is everyone so psyched about the twins?! they should be pumped about the GOPHERS!

Brian in Mpls said...

Scar: I will be making a purchase this very night. At least I clean up after myself even on auto

Rocket:30 days:)

H : Did you watch that Ohio state game?

Rocketstar said...

damn, 30 days. I've done it before but damn that is a long time.

Sarah said...

i've given up the booze for lent before. not for religous reasons, but you know, just to do it.

Michelle's Spell said...

Hey Brian,

Best of luck with the no drinking or smoking! I don't smoke, but I don't see giving up drinking -- if there's ever blood involved, maybe . . . :) As for your Twins, here's the Tigers winning tonight so that all will be well.

lauren said...


Sorry, dude.

anyway, we've all had those days when we wake up and have no idea how we got in bed or why we look the way we do. Like the time I laughingly thought I'd slept in my eye makeup because there were blackish brown streaks on the pillow... turns out it was vomit and all over my hair.

Anonymous said...

I have pictures of the time I had to break into my own place and managed to not only knock over a glass but kneel in it on the way in the window. It was a mess, and boy do you bleed when you're drunk.

The 30 days sound pretty good. You'll feel boring for awhile, but you'll get over it, once you pass the third week. I was sober for 90 days when I was training before, and boy was that a hard transition, but now I don't drink as much in excess. Probably a good thing.