Tuesday, September 09, 2008

L.E.T.L.A.R (Life exploration though logic and reason)

The purpose of Letlar is too create a new kind of renaissance person for the twenty first century. To create an individual through experiences and a forum where people can come together to discuss ideas and create action and change. It is an open secret society meaning that anyone can join provided that they meet or are working towards certain requirements. Here are the requirements for the three levels of Letlar.

The goal of letlar is to open minds, build confidence, learn practical skills like how to install a toilet or turn an idea into a business, get involved in position of influence and change, debate, have fun and push each other in a never ending cycle of self improvement and fulfillment. The levels don't really matter they are superficial and meant merely as a guide of benchmarks to help set goals and monitor personal progress.

1.) You are in school working on a four year degree.
2.) You participate in the POS book club or another local book club.
3.) You participate in Letlar drinking Olympics.
4.) You participate in educational clinics. (Habitat, Art Tours, Seminars, Waste Treatment Tours, etc.)

1.) You have a four year degree.
2.) You are taking or have rank in a self defense skill. (Boxing, Karate, Kickboxing etc.)
3.) You play a musical instrument or are actively taking lessons.
4.) You have completed a firearms safety session.
5.) You participate in politics or a campaign.
6.) You take a technical assessment or attend training on technology advancement.
7.) You participate in tall hall debates.
8.) You take a red cross emergency first responder course.
9.) You continue to do items 2-4 in the apprentice.

1.) You have completed or are in an advanced degree program.
2.) You speak or are learning a second language.
3.) You have submitted one idea for patent.
4.) You have submitted or published at least one piece of original work.
5.) You host or have a workshop for other members in your area of expertise.
6.) You pass a technology implementation assessment (Put together a phone or computer from parts and create a limited working network or build a solar generator from parts etc. or code a computer application)
7.) Peer evaluations of work.
8.) Cook an entire meal from scratch using only what you find at the farmers market or a cooking class.
8.) Complete an endurance test of strength and stamina. (Triathlon, Marathon, 3 Day Walk for Cancer, MS150 Bike Tour, etc)
9.) Continue to do items 2-7 from the Citizen Group


Mags said...

That's pretty cool. I don't have enough in each category to call myself any of these, which I suppose is ok in my book. But still, it's impressive. Where do you fall?

Brian in Mpls said...

I am just moving up to a knight :)

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with the patent and publication. I think an either/or works better there. Also, firearms safety for citizens--that should be optional. :)

scargosun said...

Apprentice for now. I'll work on it.

Ma said...

I guess I have too shitty a life to be in LETLAR... haha
but thanks for resurfacing this one - sorry but I kinda had to laugh when I saw the posting, it's been a while since we've heard anything about this thing... I'd kind of forgotten about it

maybe you should make up another fourth level, under apprentice for folks like me who only have technical or vocational training but have moved to Hawaii to follow our dreams and spend a large portion of our time biking up and down large hills as a means to get around town because we're too poor for a car and we want to pollute as little as possible - hehehe

the walking man said...

As a gadabout, do nothing, without an ounce of sense that any reasonable person would call common, I object!

Brian in Mpls said...

Vocational schools count so does milatray service