Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Blackhole for the Darkness

I am filled with despair
A bubble ripped apart by compounding depression and escalating sadness
I am multidimensional
A walking six foot by six, freshly dug, black hole
A lead lined sarcophagus in defiance of loves radiation.
I am the messenger to marathon on the last leg
I am a happy hour that is anything but
I am a docket on a desk
A void in a picture
A vague sensation in a memory
I am a matchstick man
In a house of cards soaked in gas
Hiding from a light


Rocketstar said...

I like it

SS+1 said...

I'm sorry (?)

Brian in Mpls said...

Don't worry this was written a while back I have been working with my editor o what will be in the next book and came across this one and didn't want to just toss it

Mags said...

I always want to hug you when I read your work. It's very powerful.

And I'm glad to hear it was written a while ago.

Ma said...

damn it.... your book! you never had that book signing did you? I really wanted to buy it from you in person vs. giving Amazon my money... any chances you'll be in Oahu anytime soon for a signing? or tell me how much I need to send you in order to get a signed copy from you in the mail?

Spirophita said...

Mmm. I like this one.