Thursday, November 06, 2008

Wanted Dead or Alive

Things to pass the time

Wouldn't it be awesome to put one of your friends pictures on a wanted poster linked to some grizzly crime and then plaster them all over places they normally go to like their office, gas station, bar, grocery store etc and just sit back and see what happens? Go door to door in their neighborhood and leaving

I would also like to wear a tan dickies suit and dog walk a pack of German Sheppard's in a neighborhood that is close to a prison and just start yelling things into a walkie talkie,

"Another Resident has died?!?!"

"What do you mean he now has 6 guns and a saw?!?!"

"How many have escaped now?!?!"

#3) Or perhaps wear a radiation suit and just going up to a random persons house with a noise maker beeping and start yelling," melt down this places is off the charts," and then wrap their entire house in saran wrap with a quarantine sign on the front law. (I figure it is about time TP'ing got a face lift.)


Rocketstar said...

You should check out the show Scare Tactics.

Amy said...

These are evil. And I love them.

Purest Green said...

I never cease to be amazed by the stuff that happens inside your Brain.

Far said...

LOL wow quite the active imagination huh Brian lol

Sarah said...

remind me not to piss you off!

Thomas said...

Damn, those are all awesome.

~Sheila~ said...

You go right ahead...let me know how it turns out!!