Monday, November 17, 2008


So it begins today... 15 weeks of captivity. I would like to thank everyone who helped with the send off this weekend I do appreciate it and March 1st I will get you back. I would also like to thank everybody in advance for stopping over this winter with bottles of wine and vodka ...or just showing up and leaving cash in my mailbox:)

OK... So I am not going to be locked up exactly ,but it will amount to the same thing.

Last week, just in time for the holidays I was forced into a wonderfully painful situation with a few of my creditors where they will be taking the majority of my next seven paychecks...(There is an assumption in there of course that I will still be getting seven more pay checks of course and that is looking ever more doubtful)

What will I be doing in captivity you wonder?

Eating Ramen
Trying to distill booze from what I can find in the trash
Watching TV
Working out
Finishing my Capstone

Ok maybe my life really won't be that much different then it is now?

On the flip side my financial picture will be a lot better this spring and hopefully the working out I have been doing will stick and by the time I get out of captivity I will be back in fighting shape.

So if you don't see me in person for a little bit, don't worry I am still around just parked in the debtors prison of my house...


Purest Green said...

Dang. May I recommend soup? You could make heaps of vegetable soup. It is pretty much as drepressing as it sounds...but not as bad as the moment you realize that all there is left is that somewhat rusted tin of tuna at the back of the cupboard.
I like that you always look ahead and know that things will get better. Because they will.
Also, hooray for the library!

Tara said...

Man...sorry to hear. I will send the good vibes that this will be a very quick couple of weeks of captivity!

Kristi said...

Being broke, just sucks.

Thomas said...

Wishing you the best on this transition.