Friday, November 21, 2008

Who Says You Can't Kick A Dead Horse?

(Sorry I know this is a little insensitive but it is hard to be sensitive when you are being beaten death by the long arm of the law. I don't really feel this way anymore but I got a laugh when I fond this in my folder today)

Who says you can't kick a dead horse...

For Capitol One and Messerli & Kramer it is just another steal toe party.

Some things I scribbled whilst sitting in court...

Compounding Disinterest

Action Taken:
3-Application denied by financial institution
Brian's Reduction on a HMDA Transmittal
Your seed money and my coffins nails
Hennepin County Fourth Court District Case #XXXXXXXXX
Spread them .....further
This call is for Brian Johnson, by continuing to listen to this call you acknowledge you
This is an attempt to collect a debt any information obtained will be
Do you want to live press 1 followed by the pound

Christmas Wishes for Capitol One and Messerli & Kramer

I wish you the same kind of happiness you obviously wish for me.

I hope all of your children's toys were made and China with the best lead paint that they had available while your toddler is at a teething point in their life.

May that irregular piece of meat go down the wrong pipe and stick there just long enough for you to feel deaths desperate hand.

May your condoms break and your mistresses infect you and your family with sores.

May your cat scan results reveal it is nothing trivial.

But mostly I wish that all of the misery and pain that you inflict on this world shows up at your door step in never ending waves that will slowly rip apart the entire fabric of your lives, washing away everything you hold dear, leaving you exactly where you just left me.


Ma said...

I'm glad you can laugh about it now - I'm still practically in tears about my situation.... but this message gives me hope for the future

Anonymous said...

ps kinda weird how again we've posed similar blogs on the same day.... I just posted a money one too. but yours is way more eloquent than my overly detailed ranting

ps it's Ma..not anonymous

houstonmacbro said...

Okay, that's tellin' 'em!

Robin said...

Insensitive? Yes. Funny? Definitely.