Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Context Along Racial Lines

What fun would it be if the world you saw today didn't change a little bit because you came to visit me?

With the outcome of the election there has been a lot of talk about race in America. For some reason people assume that racism caused slavery this always puzzles me since slavery has existed for thousands of years before the first slaves were brought to what is now the United States. The constitution of the United States conflicting with the practice of slavery in America is what caused racism....racism was an effect not a cause of slavery. This is why the majority of slaves that were brought to the so called New World ended up in Brazil or countries other then the United States. (Less then 7% of all slaves taken from Africa were brought to the United States) The other countries have much different racial identifies then our own since they did not have the contradiction of practice vs. principle that we had in America.

I wonder if it would also surprise people that more Europeans were brought to Africa as slaves then Africans were brought to the United States as slaves during roughly the same period of history? (Challenge to the notion that the practice of slavery only disrupted, destroyed families etc of Africans)

By almost a 2:1 margin.

Interesting isn't it? (Barbary Pirates vs. African Slave Trade)

One thing I wish I could get people more involved in is world history instead of American History. To study just the later is to lose context.

What group of people is the biggest recipient by dollar volume of welfare in this country?

If you guessed old people you are correct.... those 55+, lazy, wrinkly balls, saggy tits, arthritis having parasites. Sitting around doing nothing for nobody. We should move them all to an island and forget about them.

(Only kidding grandma...but seriously watch your back)


Rocketstar said...

I never knew that about slavery, European slaves, interesting.

Emily said...

Yeah, enslaving people has gone on almost everywhere, to every race. And you're right - people are typically unaware of that. There was nothing special about doing it in the U.S. People were just a bunch of lame followers back then. So unoriginal :)

Stacy said...

One word B: Apartheid (sp?).

houstonmacbro said...

Slavery was not always about race in the rest of the world, but in the US it was about race. Unfortunately, it had the effect of becoming an institution built on suppression of people because of their outward appearance and then institutionalized.

Bill From Gainesville said...

World History also shows that most other cultures actually revere their old people. Not us though, We find the humour in the way they are and mock the hell out of them.