Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend ReCap


Date Night....J D Hoyts for some blackened fish, Bev's for couple glasses of wine over candlelight...Liquor Lyle's for some shots and darts.


Got my brakes fixed so I will be eating ramen for the next few

Watched the Badger and Gopher games.

Drinks @ Ike's

Dinner @ Fogo De Chao....yum


Packers Vs Vikes....@ Tailgate!

Read: Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller, I should say I finally finished this. I was not impressed. For as hyped up as this was on the banned book list, etc. I thought it was boring.


Sarah said...

i like howdate night progresses from fancy to casual. :) my kinda night.

bunny said...

I am also currently working my way throught the banned book list.

The Well of Loneliness is also very disappionting.

Rocketstar said...

Back to Tailgate?

BORGHY said...

Fogo De Chao is so damn good!

Erin said...

Might I say I always get so jealous of your Monday you always seem to have the best weekends!!

my name is Amanda said...

When I was around 13 or 14, I came across TROPIC OF CANCER in my parent's book collection, and snuck it to my room and skipped around, reading only the dirty parts. Which are most of the parts, actually.

It was very scandalous.

Amy said...

Mmm, I didn't think Tropic of Cancer was particularly scandalous or good, but I do have to admit that Henry Miller has some moments of absolutely electrifying prose.

Mags said...

You only have to eat ramin for a few weeks? I'd have to eat it for a year!!

SS+1 said...

Since when did we have a date? ;)

Spirophita said...

I think that's because Anais Nin ended up doing the editing.

Also, I call Fogo "Meat Sweats" cause that's what you get when you there, but it is DELICIOUS!