Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Camel Crush Bad Product Idea #3454

How many smokers out there get half way through smoking a light or regular flavored cigarette and think to themselves, “Fuck I wish this was a menthol, if only there was something in the filter I could snap so I could add menthol goodness.”

People tend to be either menthol smokers or a non-menthol smoker. This isn’t a fence issue. If I had to guess the inventor of this product is a mooch who likes to bum cigarettes but never has any of their own and wanted to increase the likelihood of the cigarette they bum being a menthol.


just a girl... said...

I am so with you on this one. the other day one of my friends said hey try this is sooo good. So I said is that shit menthol, oh no its nothing like menthol you see you just snap it and its a fresh taste.

Fucking disgusting is what is was and you are right you either like menthol or you dont. and I clearly dont.

Cheri said...

I got a free pack of those... just terrible! It felt like I was inhaling listerine through a paper towel. No thanks, Camel.