Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend ReCap


Met an old friend for a 2-4-1 @ Tailgate


Typed a paper

Read: Factomtum by Charles Bukowski it was good similar to his book Women but probably the last one i will read by him.

Watched: Iron Man and loved it.


Went for a walk.

Watched Flags of Our Fathers and in the vain of Saving Private Ryan this was a great movie.


Had Dinner with Mom in Minneapolis @ The Old Country Buffet


Far said...

I loved iron man.. are they making a second or did he die i cant remember lol

JP said...

I thought you said good bye to Tailgate?

Coconut said...

I watched Iron Man this weekend, too! I thought it was really good, I hope there is a sequel.

Brian in Mpls said...

Far - He is alive I def. hope there is a part II

JP - We made up. it is too close to my house and drinks are too cheap to let pride stop

Coconut - Me too

BORGHY said...

Nothing better then some OCB mashed potatoes and gravy!!!