Friday, November 28, 2008

We Won The Election?

One of my favorite topics to get into discussions about is race anyone who knows me knows I love to stray into the taboo areas of our social realm and challenge assumptions that rarely ever get examined.

Sitting @ a bar talking politics and the man next to me says

Man: "We finally beat you and got one of our own into the White House."

- Now for the record I voted for Obama but I was curious to see where this was going.

Brian in Mpls: "Really, who did?"

Man: "We did motherfucker, we all went out and voted and got him in."

Brian in Mpls: "How do you explain then that Obama lost in almost every state that has a high concentration of American Americans?"

Man: "What? Don't talk crazy. You can't prove that."

Well I couldn't at the time but I can now...anyone want to place the red and blue state diagram over this census population picture and tell me what you see?
I don't see why it had to be about race and not just people looking for change and the right person to lead the change.

PS. Anyone want to levy any conjectures about the states with the highest African American population voting overwhelmingly for McCain? Possibly the implications this data has on American race issues and relations?


Emily said...

The problem is, those states in the south with the highest concentratios of blacks, also contain the most uneducated and poverty stricken blacks, who don't vote. They can't even read, let alone vote. Therefore the ol' school white folk still rule the areas. MS is the best example. Tons of black people, yet even the "black" towns have white mayors. It's backwards as heck...things haven't changed much down here since the early 1900's. :-/

But anyone ridiculous enough to say "we finally beat you," I'd just laugh at them. Idiots.

Thomas said...

This reminds me of Vikings fans who refer to their team in the same way: "We got a tough game this weekend", "We won at the last minute".

Ma said...

you should carry around a binder with this sort of data in it at all times so you're always prepared when stuff like this comes up.... just try not to spill any drinks on it when you're out proving your point at the bars:)

Colette, aka Lil Sis said...

Emily has a good point, though I don't know that I entirely agree. I don't think it's lack of education of African Americans, because though SC has a lot of African American students/ voters, of the population of the STATE, SC has finished dead last in the past few years graduating high school seniors; white or black. I know in 2006 it was only 53% of high school seniors that graduated. Sad stuff.

I too voted Obama, but not because of his race, because like others who voted for him, we are in desparate need of change.

I would have just looked at that guy and asked him if he knew the definition of what the word ignorance was and walked away.

Spirophita said...

Voter turnout, ability to make voting hours due to holding two jobs (or less common hours), and I'll jump in with some conspiracy theory stuff and say that those places had a ton of paraphernalia passed out saying that if you committed a crime, didn't have a driver's license, didn't have a record of residence, etc., that you couldn't vote. That tends to single out that population, unfortunately, especially in that part of the country.