Sunday, January 11, 2009

Eternity and the Modern Perception of Time

"Imagine all of the oceans, seas and lakes are filled with sand and every thousand years a bird removes one grain of sand and flies always with it. When all of the seas, lakes and oceans are empty you still would have only filled an insignificant unnoticeable amount of time in eternity."

--Thomas Aquinas

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Rocketstar said...

I wish more people thought about things like this, or the size of the universe.

The unfortunate thing here is, as a non-believer in Jesus, you and I will be spending the rest of eternity in firey tortuos hell. I always find it funny that the old testament only sent you to hell to die and it wasn't until the new testament that they made your stay in hell eternal, eternal torture for not believing. A little severe in my book.

only 20 days left hombre.