Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ice Ice Baby

I have a mild form of OCD. I have a hard time relaxing when things are messy. So I do a few things everyday when I get home. I vacuum, I wipe down all the kitchen counters, clean the kitty box, do any laundry that is hanging out and pick up what ever is left out. Ok I am a little crazy... But none of this has threatened to rip apart my very existence like the one I am about to discuss below....

I am an ice addict.

I compulsively make ice.

I have an unsubstantiated fear that I will run out of ice.

I like the sound of ice in a glass.

I like the sound of ice popping out of the trays.

I live five minutes from work so I often go home for lunch and besides eat....I make ice.

When I get home from work I make ice.

Before I go to bed I make ice.

This was never a problem when I was also using a fair amount of ice or having people over who were helping me use ice.

But now my freezer is full of ice.

Pretty soon I won't even be able to get a frozen pizza in there.

I think I need to have a party just to get rid of all this stupid ice...yikes.

Really I think I just need a drink;)


Rocketstar said...

I love the sound of vodka rolling over the ice, warming it up and making those crackling sounds. 17 days...

~Sheila~ said...

Ice, huh?

Well, if all else can accidentally let some melt (or is that too much) that way you will have more room.

OR..give some away. Everyone loves ice for their drinks too.

Truthfully..your compulsion could be worse. It could be FIRE.

Mags said...

This is hysterical. I wonder-did you not have ice as a child? What brought this fear about? It's very interesting!!

You'd freak out about my apartment right now-I have a big closet that I call my attic and I dug into it late last night for paper, and ended up pulling all of the boxes out to look at photos. The crap is still all over my apartment.

Plus, I only have like, 6 cubes of ice.

Emily said...

Very understandable. I don't have an ice-maker in my fridge, so "making ice" is a chore for me. But, one day when I'm rich and awesome, I will have a fancy fridge with an ice-maker and I'm sure I will enjoy every minute of it. :) Seriously. I love ice too. In Europe, they don't use ice in their water. People there are psychotic.

Anonymous said...

Get a new fridge with an ice machine. :)