Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Investment Tip: Sink All of Your Money into Forever Stamps

Over the last 5 years the price of stamps has increased 10% making this one of the best performing investments in the entire marketplace. Beating T-bills in safety and value or any major indices over the same period. I suggest immediately cashing in your piggy bank and heading down to the post office and buying as many rolls of forever stamps as you can.

In 50 years when you are selling your 42 cent stamps for $8000.00 I hope you will send me a thank-you card.

That is if the post office is still there.

Or America for that matter.

I guess nothing is forever..

Not even stamps.

Day 7


Spirophita said...

You are going to laugh when you hear that I thought of this investment idea before. Unfortunately the rate of return is worse than just about any other investment opportunity, other than high-risk stocks that go down the tubes.

Then there is the practical matter of selling the stamps when you have hundreds of thousands of them.

As such, I gave up the idea :)

Rocketstar said...

Nice although I hope to get to a time when I never mail anythign anymore, all online baby.