Saturday, January 24, 2009

Product Idea #25412531 - Submitted

(This is my 29th idea sent in to a company after I have experimented and determined that I lacked the ability to produce and develop the product far enough along to get a patent and the first idea that I didn't get anything but an email from the Company......come on this idea is gold!! Most companies send me gift certificates, products, coupons, personal telephone calls, personal thank-you letter,I have gotten bottles of wine, thank you calls from CEO's..and from P&G of all people an impersonal automated email. It almost makes me want to stop innovating and inventing or at least stop sending ideas to P&G)

Product Idea Submission -

I am wondering if I could submit a product idea to your company

I have been experimenting at home on a limited basis with a solution that goes into the iron instead of or with an amount of water that steams and freshens fabric as you iron. I have wrecked a few irons experimenting and figured maybe I should leave the research to the

I think this product would be great especially if it contained a medium amount of starch so you wouldn't have spray cans and bottles in the way when you iron.

All you have to do is fill the iron with the solution and go.

Hopefully your company would be able to give this idea some consideration.

Brian Johnson

XXXX XXth Ave South
Minneapolis, MN 55417

Frebreeze and P&G's Response

Your Question has been Submitted
Just wanted to let you know we received your message. We're glad you got in touch! If you have a question or your comments need a reply, we'll get back to you shortly. Stop by again soon to see what's new!

The reference number for your question is '090112-001965'.

Please note that all advertising claims and copy for this website, as well as the website's Privacy Statement and Legal Terms and Conditions, are directed solely to residents of the United States. If you are from outside of the United States and still want to send us an e-mail, your message will be forwarded to the appropriate consumer relations group for your geography.

Actual Email From P& G

"" to brianinmpls@gmail.comJan 16
Thanks for contacting us.

We love to hear suggestions about improving our products or creating new ones; your comments help us decide what we'll do in the future. Be assured, I'm sharing them with the appropriate people in our company.

If you want compensation for an idea, it's important to know P&G can't accept an idea for consideration without a patent or a patent application. Once an idea is patented, the only way to submit it for review is through Connect & Develop on the home page of our website, Just click on the Connect & Develop icon near the middle of the page, then Submit Your Innovation.

Hope this is helpful.

P&G Team

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