Friday, January 23, 2009

Evolution of Civilization

For some reason I cant picture the ancient Romans doing the wave at the Colosseum. I think they would think that was lame.

I wonder what that says about the history of civilization and the direction we are evolving?

Or is it that the more violent the spectator sport the less likely that you will see the wave?

I have never seen the wave at a UFC or Boxing match.

Do they do the wave at wrestling matches?

I would have to assume that some carry over takes place between the people who watch boxing and the people who watch football so why no wave in some places?

Not that I am complaining. Just think it is interesting.


Rocketstar said...

I think you may be right that it has to do with the makeup of the spectators.

It's visually kind of cute but not as cool as what the British or Europeans do with the singing /chanting.

Sornie said...

I think there is a direct ocrrelation to the excitement level of the game. Baseball is about as exciting as watching monkeys pluck fleas from each other so spice up the three hours of sitting with the wave. Football has constant action so no wave. And people watching UFC matches, well I'm not even sure they know how to walk upright.

cher said...

Its true. I think we should work on bring the wave to all kinds of situations. Like in the grocery store line up or at the library check out n stuff

MJ said...

I think people really only do the wave when there is enough downtime in a sport for it to become boring.

Or when there is enough beer for someone to think starting the wave would be awesome.

Great blog.