Friday, January 16, 2009

Grounded with Roots

People like to use the expression grounded or rooted. They picture trees with deep roots that resist being uprooted. They are practical, logical, strong and nourishing, family and community oriented, change resistant.

People like roots....

People like to be grounded...

But for some reason when ever I hear those terms instead of a tree I think of a toupee.

Which is hair with out roots.

Someone resistant to change.

It is something that deceives you into believing it has roots.

Something used to conceal something else.

It is an imitation of something with roots.

And if you are walking around with your head in the clouds it just makes more sense to make sure your hair is securely attached then it does to picture yourself with long lumbering roots digging under the soil.

I don't really know where I am going with this but it just seems like this whole grounded thing needs a make over or a direct challenge....and that it is probably going to start with hair club for men.

I just don't understand why is holding fast to values even if they are out dated or down right wrong the gold standard of morals?

It just seems to me that the image of something that just grows where it falls and never moves, never changes is just as evil as someone who is constantly on the go.


Rocketstar said...

I don't understand how family and friends can allow soneone to wear a toupee.

Bill From Gainesville said...

Here is my question on Toupees -- Generally they are a huge distraction because if you run into a guy who is wearing a Toupee and you know it, then it just takes up so much of your mind thinking about why he chose to do that etc. etc. -But on the other hand maybe a lot more guys wear toupees then you realize because they really do just look like hair? Its kind of like Gay people, sometimes you are talking to a dude and his mannerisms and speech just scream I am a gay man, but most of the time a gay man is just a normal dude except for the fact he likes sucking dick and you just dont know he is gay?