Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Side Effects of Health

#1) Night terrors.

One of my most famous attributes is that I can fall asleep any where at any time in about 30 seconds. I sleep like a log and snore like someone cutting it.

One thing I have found though is that you can always tell how dependant you are on something by how it effects your sleep when you give it up and I have been having horrible dreams lately so that is not a good sign.

#2) I could put out a fire with wind or water.

Part of the detox is that you drink about 100 gallons of water a day and then eat a ton of stuff that cleans out your liver like broccoli, cabbage, b. sprouts, garlic ect.When you are in my world it is good to do this periodically if not regularly eat these foods.

So with all of the working out and eating right I am healthier then ever but I am farting and peeing all the time and I am afraid to go to bed.

So I am basically feel like I am wearing my life inside out.


Rocketstar said...

But do you feel better?

Live and Learn the Hard Way said...

I remember well the days in 2003 after I quit drinking. I often had the night terrors you described, and just an overall feeling of having every one of my nerves exposed and raw to the world around me. Luckily that feeling grows less with passing time. Hang in there!

Purest Green said...

"farting and peeing all the time and I am afraid to go to bed." I think you should write this whole experience in the form of a play. It may be therapeutic and would likely be very entertaining for the rest of us.

But I do hope you feel better.

Brian in Mpls said...

I do feel a lot better though:)

Live and Learn the Hard Way said...

Congrats on feeling better! I know from experience that the feeling better keeps getting better as time goes on!

Bill From Gainesville said...

Wow -- I was going to quit drinking, but now that I read that I certainly wont be..... (I wasnt really going to quit drinking)

Ma said...

it's a nasty business that needing to know how rotten it feels before really being able to feel how much better it can be......
keep on keepin on big B!!!!

Anonymous said...

That is a very common side-effect of quitting smoking. Are you using anything to help with it, like Chantex? Because that stuff is known to cause night terrors. Mic was on the stuff and reported the same thing.

Also, the veggies you're talking about are typically astringents (asparagus is in that family too) and are supposed to make you pee.

If you're cleaning out your liver, try picking up some Swedish bitters and eat an apple a day. No other vegetable provides the pectin necessary to help clean out the liver--the other veggies are more for general detox.