Thursday, January 29, 2009

Product Idea #5874521 – Failed

Status: Failed (At least so far I have several modifications to experiment with for another proto-type)

I attempted to make a decorative stain glass window that would hang in your window and function as a solar collector of power that would charge your phone.

But I think the tinted glass was reflecting too much of the radiation spectrum needed to charge the solar cells. Kind of like a sun glass effect? Either that or it was too thick for penetration.

My business idea surrounding this would be to make a website where people could upload an image, the image would be pixilated into a stain glass pattern and that pattern would then be imprinted onto a solar panel and shipped to the buyers. This would then be placed into the window of who ever it was purchased for and collect solar energy in a battery pack that would be at the base of the frame. Items could be then plugged into that frame base which would have a little ledge capable of shelving a phone or some other small appliance.

People I would target
Gadget Enthusiasts

Anyone have any ideas for how to improve the proto type please let me know I would love to work with you on this…

I have been using the 0.9V 400mA connected in series (most cost effective approach for the model) this could also be another flaw. Ideally I would like to use the bigger panels with more translucent quality so that the stain glass effect would still be present... any ideas?


Bill From Gainesville said...

Brian, I have no freaking idea what you are talking about and how you would/ could make it work --but if you figure it out I will buy one

Charlotte said...

Yes, Windows typically are to reflective to serve this purpose. It would need to have the same base as solar-cells, and that would be tough to make even semi-transparent. Sorry dude. :(