Friday, January 09, 2009

Ockham's razor and Homeland Security

There is a fable that I am fond of about Americans spending billions of dollars to create a pen that would write in the zero gravity of space, while the Russians simply brought a pencil. While this is just a fable I like what it says about being practical. Solving the problem at hand with the simplest solution in the most effective manner possible.

I the wake of 9-11 we found ourselves transformed. Billions of dollars poured into airport security to make sure no one would ever be able to hijack a plane and crash it into another building. We bought new scanners, made TSA a common household term, created all sorts of rules and restrictions on what people could travel with, wasted billions of dollars in productivity standing in line.

People forget we actually already had metal detectors, police dogs etc.

This is evident that this hijackers didn't take over the plans with guns because they couldn't get those on the plane, they used box cutters.

This is billions of additional security.

This is a Ockham's razor test.

This is America's real version of the pen in space theory.

What did other countries do? What should we have done?

The answer: Build thicker doors that lock from the inside cock pit

Day 9 :)


SS+1 said...

word. and props on day 9!!!

Rocketstar said...

Good job on day 9, yesterday after a long day I seriously wanted one but I couldn't. Not too bad but I do miss it.

Ma said...

what a nice topic to read of on the day my baby boy is hopping on a plane to fly over the ocean w/o me

dmh said...

Is this day nine of no smoking? drinking? I'm afraid I'm behind, Squiggles.

Brian in Mpls said...

Rocket I miss it too this weekend will be hard.

Ma sorry:( I am sure he will be fine...he is a Warrior after all.

DMH Yo:) Long time...yes I am giving up the hard stuff no smoking and no drinking hard liquor. I would say drinking anything but I have two formal small events this month where I know a little wine will be had. But for the most part it is going good. I was just ready to quit smoking :) And I needed to give my liver a little break.

Brian in Mpls said...

Almost forgot Thanks SS+1:)

Bill From Gainesville said...

It takes 21 days to replace a habit, only 12 more days to go for you , good luck