Friday, January 30, 2009

What Ever Green Lantern

Super America
5:10PM Tuesday

Woman at the counter checking out her items
3 - 20oz Bottles of Diet Coke
2 - Packs of Cigarettes
1 - Pack of Gum
1 - Tombstone Pizza (Pepperoni)
1 - Grab bag of Cool Ranch Doritos

When asked if she would like a bag she replied, "No, I am trying to save the environment."

Does anyone else think that is super funny?

I really wanted to to put her on the offense on how a plastic bag was going to make or break the environmental foot print of her purchases but I just didn't have mental energy to do more then point and laugh at her after a my long day at work....


Rocketstar said...

Human waste, recycling... it all started with that garbage barge from New York in the 80's. "oh my God we are running out of room for our trash". It's total B.S. If you took all of the garbage in this country and put it in one place it would only require a 35 by 35 mile location. On a map of the US that is a Push Pin. We have plenty of open space to put our trash.

That is funny, just like the fat person going to a resteraunt eating a huge meal and ordering a Diet Coke.

Thomas said...

Damn it, Rocket beat me to the punch on the Diet Coke line. Have a fab weekend, my good man. Enjoy the game!

Ma said...

thanks for the reminder.... I am going to start making better choices
(have any good homemade pizza recipes?)

Sornie said...

Apparently saving the environment has no correlation to saving your health.

scargosun said...

That is hilarious. I have been in similar situations before and all you want to do it burst out laughing.

Bill From Gainesville said...

Playing devils advocate - but that is one less bag --- and a diet coke is 100 less calories, even if you did just gorge out on a 3500 calorie smorgasborg--- by having that diet coke as opposed to a regular coke it means you didnt just have 3600 calories

cher said...

too funny!
Perfect example of someone you should have just tripped.

houstonmacbro said...

It's the packaging. We go through zillions of bags (the small supermarket grocery bag kind) that we put the trash in. I guess we save on not buying trash bags, but damn ... 2-3 bags to the dumpster a day is not uncommon.

Brian in Mpls said...

But isn't there a more eco-friendly way forward for everything in that order?

Two liter
Roll your own smokes
make your own pizza etc..

Charlotte said...

That's hilarious.