Monday, January 16, 2006

Artificial Intelligence?

There was a fabled myth of the space era where NASA spend millions of dollars to create a pen that would write in the vacuum of space while the Russians brought pencils. Although the myth is not true I thought it drew an interesting analogy for artificial intelligence.

Isn't the goal of AI to create a mechanical person? Software that thinks like a human being? Makes decisions based on logic and reasoning (ok so it might be better than a human decision) Is there a shortage of people? What if we just educated the 40% or so of population who lacks the understanding and opportunity to participate in the modern world?
I mean if you want a machine that can think for itself and act independently I can tell you how to create it.....
Step 1.) Stick a penis in a vagina
Step 2.) Move it back and forth, up and down round and round in varying shallow and deep strokes
Step 3.) Release your seed (preferable after your partners have climaxed gentlemen)
Step 4.) Raise and teach your offspring for 18 -21 years
Its that easy.....And pretty fun to...Well to be honest I am still on step three.

Granted I am not a technophobe. I am being touch cheeky. I do believe in the research. I understand the wonders that lie just beyond our grasp of the technology. We could build AI decision engine's for items of exploration that are beyond mans limitations of oxygen, food. Space exploration, Volcanic Exploration, Underwater Exploration, Medical exploration ect. Items that could do routine tasks that give us more free time, save lives etc. This is very exciting to me to by the way.

I just don't want to be a mechanic servicing a world that I can only artificially participate in...

PS What if we made robots or items that did the job of humans pay taxes? We could fix social security, the deficit, pay for re-education of displaced workers etc....just kidding but it is interesting to think about.


Rocketstar said...

I agree with your "goal" of AI.

I think the one aspect to really focus on is the fact that all AI is, is humans evolving into the best animal or entity possible.

Humans will and already are merging with machines. Pacemakers, artificial limbs, cochlear implants for hearing etc...

As technology gets better, faster, cheaper, we will slowly become one with machines.

This is why I love The Terminator.

Not you of coursem but "people" always forget that it took MILLIONS of years to get from Chimpanzee's to Homo Sapiens.

Just think where technology will be in 500 years let alone millions.

Brian in Mpls said...

As long as I can get a bio-penis I am happy!! (But no sacrificing sensation!!!)

Brian in Mpls said...

The moment something thinks for itself is it artificial?

dawnmarie said...

If something can think for itself, doesn't that mean its not artificial?

Isn't artificial intelligence something that appears to be able to think for itself, when it really can only compute thoughts entered into it by a human? If it can have it's own thoughts, those thoughts are real, not artificial.

Brian in Mpls said...

Thats what i am saying in a round about way...isn't it a trip?

What if people are just like computers and we only really ever do what we have been told to do.....I freak myself

This is why sleep is good...

On another note we are on for Thursday after class if you are up? I know it is a drive, but if you are interested love to have you.

dawnmarie said...

sensors? I got the email, I make no promises, but I'll try.

Brian in Mpls said...