Monday, January 23, 2006

More Progress Please

Is there really Progress?
Or is there
Just "Is"
A State
A moment
Progress implies forward movement
"It" is Better now
Than "It" was Before
The mark of life
Of importance
That something was done
That time was not squandered
Potential tapped
Life cached
I Purchased my manifest destiny
Off the rack
Side of over the counter dreams
Buy one get one free
Hope and ambition
Child to Teen to Parent
Dishwasher to CEO
Dreamer to realist
Upgrade your standard of living every 5 to 7 year
It is Nice, but what year is it?
Progress is a rut
Worn by marching zombies
Progress is more of what my heart desires
More zeros compounding
More pussy
More privilege
More square footage
More power
More control
More threadcount
More fun
More friends
More fame credit, recognition, photoshoots
More people screaming my name
Its my crib on cribs
Its more work and sweat
It's complications, hangovers, sleepless nights
Its chasing a ghost
It's someone elses dream
Its me unsatisfied
It's more drugs to prolong humanity
And help me not to think
Its robotic slaves
Its more free time I can occupy with mindlessness
Progress is measured by what I have
Measured in wages, purchasing power, life expectancy
and how it has grown from the year before
Progress is a cycle of personal nation building
Warrior to Empire to Ruin
My progress makes me sick
Its why the severed heads
Of the joneses
Are on sticks in my front yard


FACE said...

I think I'm scared of progress now, thank you.

Brian in Mpls said...

I think my poetic tangents tend to scare a lot of people...

FACE Your silence blog entry you just posted was awesome I love the vividness of your writing

FACE said...

I'm not really scared and thanx for the kudos young Squire. Looking forward to your next writing.
Peace up, violence down!
Van Lichtersnatch the 1st