Friday, January 20, 2006

Northside of the Elephant

I find it interesting how there is a mentality that because somebody lives above the Mason Dixon line that they can't be considered a racist. That this geographic location some how absolves us of any racial prejudice and obligation to participate in a discussion of the rights of human beings, of retribution and inequality . It is a blanket that covers the dirty secrets and stereotypes that cloud my vision. It is a secret shared by an entire society with its fingers crossed hoping it will just go away. Why is it so hard to admit that we judge people? Why do we have such a hard time having open discussions about race in America, I would add especially in the North? We have a hard time because to begin this discussion we have to admit there is a problem and to admit that there is a problem we have to take ownership. Our silence only leads to propagation of stereotypes, to self fulfilling prophesy. We cap the growth of our societies potential. If we are not honest with each other in seeking and being open to the truth about history and its lasting impacts we are surrendering to ignorance.

Not in Minnesota?

Can anyone guess where this picture was taken?

How about Duluth Minnesota?
Minnesota Historical Society

Anyone know how many times Minnesota had to vote to give African Americans the right to vote? Once? Twice? Three times?

Anyone doubt that there would be a sizeable population that would still vote to suppress the rights of minorities? (Did you see the 40% plus of the state that was Red in the last election?)

Anyone think that there is not a problem with race in America?


Rocketstar said...

Racism/Sexism will NEVER be elimanted as long as people are different colors and genders.

Racism and sexism are crreated by ignorance and fear, we are never going to be able to eliminate ignorance and fear and therefore racism and sexism will never be eliminated.

Simple as that.

dawnmarie said...

Did either of you hear the New Orleans Mayor's speech on Monday? I haven't read it yet, but apparently he said things along the lines of "MLK Jr. would be upset were he alive today because he thinks New Orleans should be a chocolate city"

Yes, because MLK Jr. was all about segregation. I'm going to look for a transcript of it in a bit.

dawnmarie said...



Rocketstar said...

I heard him later say that by chocalate he did not mena just black. Chocolate is what you get when you mix black with white, hispanic, asain...

Yeah, he hasn't made the best decisions in the last 12 months.

Brian in Mpls said...

I think it can be eliminated once we all begin to understand more genetics and start to see how similar we really are.

I think since we lack the understanding of that similarity in context to what is really significant we are forced to focus on external factors...if that made sense.

Interesting on the transcript I hadn't seen that before.

dawnmarie said...

I know, I had lunch con mi madre today, and she told me about it. Even if that's what he "meant" by chocolate, he still quite obviously meant the city should be predominately black. He flat out said that.

And yeah, it's tough to make wise decision when you're more corrupt than Al Capone.

FACE said...

I grew up in MN and feel that people there act like it wasn't me or my family I'm from the north. Now being in St. louis which is midwest but the people have a more southern feel, racism is more in your face, is that bad? No, because at least we're aware of it. The only way racism would ciest to exist is if we fuck enough different races until you can;t tell who's what, otherwise it will always be an issue.

Rocketstar said...

Hey face, I'm willing to help as long as you get my wife to approve it. ;o)

Sarah said...

"Anyone doubt that there would be a sizeable population that would still vote to suppress the rights of minorities? (Did you see the 40% plus of the state that was Red in the last election?)"

So, all people who vote for a Republican are racist? I don't think that's true. I don't think you can just put people in one of two categories: racist and not racist. Especially if you try to do that based on things like where they live and how they vote. Voting in particular involves so many aspects, race being just one. Economics, gender, spirituality and personal convictions are just a few things that affect votes.

Brian in Mpls said...

Face I agree, been in A-Town, Savanahha, Nashville, and Texas in the past few years and noticed the same thing. It is more in your face. I think it is because they have seen the blood on the streets etc. That they are able to be more open about it.

Are you guys ready for this? I know I should know better than to drunk post but inspirtation has struck so I am going wih it.

There is a ball it is orange it is next to a ball that is purple they apprear different until we know more about the properties of the balls. We then learn that the balls have air pressure grips etc. We learn that they are basketballs...After we learn more about them does it matter the color of the ball? Does it effect the play of the game the properties are suited to? I would suggest the same thing could happen with a better understanding of the properties of humans, genes, philosophy etc...instead of making all balls the same color we have to make the properties of the ball aware to all participants. If we make them similar wouldn't something be differnt....missing?

Don't we notice the beauty of the world through contrast of opposites?

PS face I think we would have cute kids ...I miss you

Brian in Mpls said...

Sarah, good comment and you are right I did over step some bounds with the republican comment.
However there are strong relationships between race and voting preferences although yes it is not a direct correlation and there are many other variables.

FACE said...

we first learn "ball" by using optical receptors that shoot association words, round, throw, object. Better yet why is water wet?, because we are taught to beleive this. It's learned. It doesn't make it real but then again what is real?

p.s. with your length and my girth, yes we would have beautifal kids. I love you my Precious!
FACE a.k.a. Van Lichtersnatch

dawnmarie said...

Brian, you're drunk at 4:35? Good grief.

Brian in Mpls said...

Good, Good, Good...minds and synaptic strikes meeting online I love it.

I know I love it....bottle of wine before 5pm muwah

PS since i am in a conspiracy mode wasn't bin ladins tape release today rather timley with the senate about to vote again on the patriot act? If I was a mastermind criminal I would think I would want that to run out then plan my attacks when people could not listen....instead of releasing a statement that would make it easier for the goverment? WTF...

Brian in Mpls said...

*Is Sober*

And I admit the ball theory still captures my imagination and I think it still holds. I think we can understand difference and appeciate it without conforming it to a specific mold. I went to bed last night with the why is water wet question in my head. And what if we are asking the wrong questions about everything? Do we need to know why water is wet to know what it can be used for? To understand its properties? To know that it puts out fire, quenches thirst, causes death if inhaled? Let me lead this out further....what if instead of Asking is god real? A question that is unknowable? We asked what is the purpose of god? A question we can invesitage talk about disect further. What is we started asking different questions? We can't unlearn things without a new paridym to understand them....but we can learn to create new paridyns..

In the same vain as the I had a dream speech...

I have a question

Rocketstar said...

"What is the purpose of God?" I assume by "God" you mean if there really is something beyond humans, some entity that created the universe.

Again, I think this is unknowable at this point in time.

How about this question, what is the purpose of humans, the earth etc... for the inknown entity?

Is this just his Television set? Something to keep it entertained? Some wild experiemtn where he mated aliens with Chimpanzee's to see what would happen?

The universe is billions, yes billions of light years long. Just think about that for a moment.

Whatever the answer is, if there is an answer, is beyond our ability to comprehend, in my humble opinion.