Friday, January 27, 2006

Some awesome movies ....

Here are some awesome movies if anyone is doing there netflicks queue and if you have any suggestions you think I should check out let me know. Always looking for a good recommedation.

City of God - Spanish Subtitle
Y Tu Mama Tambien - Spanish Subtitle
Butterfly - Spanish Subtitle - Slow movie but deep
KamaSutra - Indian Subtitled
Life is Beautiful - Italian Subtitle
La Haine - French Subtitle

When we were Kings - Boxing
Bowling for Columbine - Mike Moore this was the best of his work
Control Room - Look at Al Jezera (If you get anyone get this just a good look at the american propaganda machine)
Penn and Tellers BullShit Series I just finished Season One:)

Old School
Arsenic and Old Lace - Cary Grant (one of my all time favorites the timing in this movie is incredible)
Casablanca - maybe my favorite movie of all time
North by Northwest - Hitchcock and Grant
The Birds - Classic Hitchcock
Roman Holiday - ok so I am a sap was going to put Houseboat on here too but I got a rep to protect.
Raisin in the Sun
To Kill a Mockingbird

Modern and other Faves
Dusk till Dawn (The original)
Sin City
House of 1000 Corpses
Pulp Fiction
reservoir Dogs
The Dark crystal
Crash ***one of my all time faves***
Fight Club
United States of LeLand
The Usual Suspects
The Ballad of Jack and Rose - slow but it is all there
My Life
Lord of the Rings All Three
The GodFather All Three
Harlem Nights
A History of Violence
American Me
Old School
Four Rooms
Something Wicked this Way Comes
I Heart Huckabees
When we were Warriors
crouching Tiger hidden Dragon
+ I am a pretty big Woody Allen Fan
Melinda and Melinda
Annie Hall
Everybody Says I love you
Deconstructing Harry there is 26 in all and my fingers hurt so I am done


Rachel said...

I'm not a big movie person, but I loved Life is Beautiful.

dawnmarie said...

I've never seen the movie Arsenic and Old Lace, but I've seen it on the stage.

Roman Holiday, one of my ALL TIME favorites.

My friend Carrie and I watched the birds once in high school. I'm insanely afraid of birds, so it wasn't the brightest thing we'd ever done. We still talk about how much that movie scared us.

I've seen hardly any of the modern movies you mentioned.

dawnmarie said...

also, here is my list of top ten movies from ages ago. I don't think much would change.
my movies

Brian in Mpls said...

I love breakfast at tiffany's:)!!!

Say Rah! said...

If you like foreign, check out In The Mood For Love - It came out of Hong Kong in 2000-ish. Beautiful.

Brian in Mpls said...

Sweet I will add that to my queue

karphosite said...

Sorry if I dont really get the list..did you watch those or are that movies you already watched? (which is..god did you watch Kamasutra at last? *bounce*)

as for "Lola Rennt" or the English version was named Run Lola Run I think..watched it again with my parents tonight..still think its awsome. And as the movie being desinged for u:
a) will give u loads to think oir life is detremined, free will etc. pp.
b) you might actually pic up some German woot ?

I will leave for Heide tomorrow afternoon..after another paintshop in the a kitchen I will not use anylonger (at least not on a regular basis)..--> I'm leaving home..isn't that amazing?!

Yes I had wine.
Lobe you

Brian in Mpls said...

Yes these are all ones that I have seen:)

Thats right KamaSutra was your recomendation it was awesome I just watched it this past week:)

I will add run Lola Run to my queue

I am so jealous I wish I was sitting and drining wine with you....that might help me pick up some German woot

I am so happy for your big move:)

Love you,

Matthew Anderson said...

Brian are you on Netflix? If so, let me know what e-mail adddress you use so I can add you to my friends list. Here is what I think you should check out, based on what you posted, in order of my preference.

Amelie (French)
A Very Long Engagement (French)
Brotherhood of the Wolf (French)

Paradise Lost
Supersize Me
The Fog of War
The Weather Underground
The Yes Men
Metallica: Some Kind of Monster

Old School
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Modern and other Faves
Garden State
The Life Aquatic
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
Hotel Rwanda
Death to Smoochy
American Psycho
Every Coen brothers movie

There! That should take you some time to get through ;)

FACE said...

Hostel, Bad Boys(70's version), "Ong-Bak" it'sa thia flick 2005 story is dumb but the action is insane, Bad Lieutenant, All terry gilliam flicks, Punch drunk love, Intacto (spain), Raging Bull, Style Wars a documentary/film about hip-hop made in 1982. Dogtown and z-boyz documentary. The Last Dragon,Mary Shelleys Frankenstien, Bela Lugosi as Dracula 1931,Pie (math), Requiem (doudle dong seen is ill). Just a few I enjoy.

Tilt Drill will kill

Brian in Mpls said...

Awesome picks you guys I will have to check those out..

It is registered under the womans email address and all of that is in flux right now so I will hit you with the email as soon as I get my own account

Kate said...

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