Friday, January 06, 2006

Moment in Time 5:30am-5:45am

The door explodes
I come to
Where am I?
What time is it?
Where is all this blood from?
Flashlight beams cut through
The dark of the house
I hear shouting
But can't make it out
My ears are ringing
My eyes adjust
I am in my kitchen
Surrounded by corpses
All staring at me
The gun in my hand
Says I did this
I am the architect
I am the conductor
The lights are getting closer to the doorway
They hit the wood frame and fan out
They are yelling at me
Bee stings
I hate bees
I raise my hand
I Squeeze
I see the officers head
washing the wall behind him with skull fragments
And blood
There is yelling
Noise Retreats into Silence
I know it will not last
I am out the back door.
I am bleeding badly
It is cold
My blood soaked clothes freeze
Stiff, like running in Tupperware
hardening and crystallizing to my body
Down the alley
No one is behind me
Breath is exploding from my chest
Bursting into clouds of steam
It smells like beer and gin
I collapse in some bushes at the end of the alley
The branches seem to probe all my wounds
In front of a wall that defends the perfect homes
The perfect life
From the fury of the free way
The ugly mess that that makes it possible
Flashlights in the alley
For the record it was over a women
For the record it isn't how it looks
Lots of flashlights
I left them a trail
Gretel would be so proud
They hurt more this time
They say when you die
You will soil yourself
I try to feel
I don't know if it is urine
or just blood
I am missing fingers now
I don't think I soiled
I smile
At least I have that


Rocketstar said...

Brian, I hate to say this but I think you may be incontinent.

See your physician as I think there are drugs available, or you could always use depends.

dawnmarie said...

oh! Remind me to bring you depends on teh first day of class. That will be fun.

Rocketstar said...

You know we love you Brian.

dawnmarie said...

Hey, old man whom we love so much? You have to change your profile, you're not 27 anymore...

Do you two (brian and rocketstar) know each other in real life?

Rocketstar said...

Brian, I just clicked on your adsense, how much $ do you get?

Dawnmarie, yes we know each other very well.

He is getting to be an old man isn't he.

Brian in Mpls said...

I am feeling the love I just might have to shower again!!

I am up to 6 cents!!!