Wednesday, January 11, 2006

In Defense Of Love of Tarot Card Readings

How can a person who is so logical and anti-religious dogmatic superstition be so fond of getting tarot cards read?

I can because I agree with some base assumptions about getting my cards read....

1.) Evolution has given us the ability to interpret body language, voice pitch, verbal cues etc. You can actually look at or listen to a person and tell what they are feeling. If they are nervous, sad, lying etc. This ability helped us learn who to trust etc. I am always amazed when I meet a person who has an especially strong skill for empathy and perception at just how precise they are able to pick up on subtle details in my behavior sometimes it is almost creepy....but amazing and biological none the less. (happens that most people I have met like this are women)

2.) People are sadly predictable. We are creatures of habit. Given the history of a person and picking up on items in number one I can make some pretty good predictions about their future behavior or how they will respond to an event.

3.) Sometimes we are not able to see the whole picture of us. Our self image and reality don't always match and talking to an outsider can be helpful. (Forest from the trees and all that stuff) I relate reading to going to see a shrink. They are not telling you what to do, but providing an environment for you to see yourself in a mirror so to speak. They show you what is there and you make a decision. I am amazed at how helpful a person keen in number one and two of these is in showing me behavior that I am engaged in. I think because these are real things we see variations of cards in every culture the reading of, tea leaves, chicken bones, liver spotting etc. They are all only a vehicle to get you to reflect into yourself like inkblot tests.

4.) Plus it is fun. It is entertainment. Just like I don't believe in ghosts but I love to go to haunted houses. The spectacle is fun, lighten up.

5.) If there is any religion that makes sense I have to give it up for the pagans. Not only were they my ancestors, but they were also on to some stuff that made sense. Worship and celebrate the sun, earth etc...makes sense doesn't it, they create warmth, navigation, food, life, we share it, depend on it, can see it, touch it, participate in it and are bound by it. For all those lovely pagans who escaped persecution and assimilation even though I am not a fan of any religious dogma I at least understand you. (blessed be and so be it)


Rocketstar said...

Long live the Pagans!!!

Tarot Cards..... for entertainment and self reflection, exactly.

The one thing I do not like are those that perpuate the myth that is it any more than just that.

karphosite said...

Wow what a statement..I have to translate same and read it to my parents once the crucial day arrives that I have to tell them about it all.

See I have wrecked my brain about the how its possible too..
point one and two you mentioned are very true as such but they don't help explaining how u can also read people's future whom you havn't met..or see things that will happen without the person having a say in it really...or another person and their will and action being involved too (like a collegue who believed her crush to be still in a relationship which the cards said is non-existing anymore and the very next day she gets a message from him revealing that he broke up with his girlfriend). I have come to explain things like that with the principle of "energy is never lost just chnaging" No matter how much we always insist on our independence we are all interconnected on different levels..and whatever action we take will not only have an influence on ourselves but on others too, if we want that or not. (Think of people fighting for more awareness of environmental problems ..etc..)

Anyway I'm convinced that with the cards (or any other medium) you can connect to that energy level of a particular person and see where the path is leading him or her..but its not destiny..its what that person has initiated by decisions, meaning they are also able to change the picture of the cards...if he/she chooses to do so.
Thats the most important part are good advisors but bad rulers. Nothing is set in stone.

Hmpf..I will have to work on my line of argument but I hope you get an idea what I'm on about.

dawnmarie said...

huh. I think they're crap and nothing more than a circus show.

But if someone wants to believe in them, go right ahead. I'm not going to try and stop you.

I'll give you the entertainment value though.

Sweetie said...

You dont believe in ghosts, and you dont believe in God; where do you think we go when we die? I believe in ghosts because I dont really believe in heaven, although I do believe in hell.

I would love to have my tarot cards read just to see exactly what I am missing out on in myself.

Rocketstar said...

This whole concept of energy...I don't know if I quite by in to your thoery about energy, we are all connected...

Here is another way to think about energy in a more scientific sense.

When we are born, we are given energy, in the form of heat from our mothers. That energy is what helps sustain our life, without it we will die.

Brian in Mpls said...

Dawn...Life is a circus sideshow:)
PS. What is this BS on dropping Span? Now I will fail for sure!!!

Sweetie..I perosnally think we don't go anywhere...That is why I try to have a good time everyday:)

Getting them read is a cool experience as long as the person doing it is not too hookie..

I love my opinionated friends it is always exciting to me that I am surrounded by people who all think very differently :) You all make my life exciting:)

Brian in Mpls said...

This is harking back to is never destroyed..right? Been a while.

Regardless there is a connection amongst all people since we all share an ecosystem called earth.
For this reason I would argue for the connectedness of energy...what ever I do to the ecosystem that we share (good or bad we might get into an augment on morals I would constitute since it is an action and will elicit a reaction...another principal of physics that this action is "energy" that flows into the system) I believe in concept of Karma because I believe in game theory...what I do to people will have a reaction on what is done to me.

Even though we are using different terms here I think the concept of connectedness and energy is valid in the context that the world is dynamic and we are all interacting having effects on each other.

The concept of 2+2 = 5 would also say that the connectedness or teamwork create some additional component of value....

dawnmarie said...

this ocnversation has cso completely left my realm of knowledge.

I'm dropping, unless you want to give me $602.75

Brian in Mpls said...

I can do the $2.75 part does that help?

Will you be going today? I tried to do some of those packets after Taekwondo last night and I was screwed...I need help already and it is only day two... Damn it!!

dawnmarie said...

I haven't decided yet. what time is taekwondo? is it a pe class?

I'll be at majors though, I'm pretty sure. Anna can't come. Did you get ahold of Josh?

Brian in Mpls said...

Josh is going to try to come....he sounds 87% certain

Taekwondo is from 6-8 and it is so fun..I already got to flip people and kick people.Ashley is in that class to and she might come to majors tonight also.