Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Dropping Names......

I am inspired by the people that I get to interact with. This has been an amazing life so far with a chance to really connect with an amazingly diverse group of people. All of you bring inspiration to my life and for that I thank you:)

I got love for....
The Chips @ 11 crew, is it Invention Friday?...choodu!
REM ******Dave Hoen******* "<>"Is that good "<>"
Chinga tu madre...leave water girl alone... What's a tea bagging?
Happy Hour Core Team Meeting.
FP Crew...why am I an ubber daddy again?
Angry Midget Swingers Club Minneapolis want me to do what! with who?
Book Club(pick one)...POS...Borders Backdoor...Knight of the Mindtable..Analyst...Gee gnomes.
Entire Sunday Brunch Crew!
FD Tool Crew...choodu r we on schedule?
Big up to everyone in the Bio-lab thanks for not telling about that "experiment"...I owe you....PS.Who really killed my fruit flies?
Eric, Fran, Rosh, Troy, and Twist with out you all what would I do at work?
Anne I can almost taste the sauerbraten...thanks for the light;)
India Chess Play(Vedan..I won by cheating and I still feel bad)
Russian Chess I need a piece...whats with all the women looking for husbands?
WI...GB Talking to you... both of you..PS.don't get married. Shawn *hugs*
Lisa the dancing machine....and all the peeps who send me jokes Carrie you too..rotflmao
Arun Minneapolis has not forgotten you!
To England and all the fun loving Chavs I have met.
To everyone who posts here and reads my non-sense I love you,
To Minneapolis,To the world, to the poets, dreamers, do-ers, writers, scholars, teachers, thought warriors and real warriors.
To the risk takers.
to those who walk the line.
To my karate mates... damn don't kick so hard.
To all the critics who said it to my face...I was angry but I appeciate it and def. needed to hear it.
To the people who stick up for me behind my back...I love you thanks for giving me the space, support and love even when I couldn't articulate my vision.
To life and time you are both motherfuckers and I love you for it...thanks for making everyday valuable and for your lessons in heartache, loneliness, pain, hurt, triumph, patients, humility, integrity passion, and joy.
To the women I have loved and to those who have loved me...sorry I am such an ass.
To 10th Street and the Warriors especially(Dave, Asher, Ed, Chad, Hasan, Damen) We may be out of sight but you are never out of mind.



dawnmarie said...

what? No love for chinga tu madre?

Brian in Mpls said...

*Deleted my own comment*

HEY!!! There is hella love for Chinga Tu Madre it is 3#:) Infact there is so much love I am even moving furiture....I can't remember the last time I did manual labor for some one else....In fact I even considered leading with it but then I remembered Kelley and Jamie ditched me!

Rachel said...

This sounds like a really messed up acceptance speech for some kind of award.

"I'd like to thank the fans! Without you, none of this would be possible!"

Or something like that.

Brian in Mpls said... guess it is in a way:) In my own is a thank you too the people who inspire me:) People like you!

Rocketstar said...

Thanks for the love Brian, were you drunk when you wrote this one?

I kjnow altered states of mind always get me as well.

Brian in Mpls said...

I was a little;)

Brian in Mpls said...

but then again I was sober editing this and thought it was great...

PS To the people IM'ing me on the side thanks for your concern I am fine! This is not a suicide note....geeeesh

Is this really that bad? Maybe I have to go back and read it

dawnmarie said...

ok, you're forgiven, I didn't see amidst all the symbols in #2.


As for moving furniture, di dyou get my directions?

Brian in Mpls said...

Yep...should be there by 2 at the lastest...still haven't heard from Josh though...i think he still may be running through neighborhoods on the southside?

dawnmarie said...

hee. he's so funny.

give me a call, I have no idea where we'll be at 2.

FACE said...

I killed your fruit flies! Sorry.

Brian in Mpls said...


Anonymous said...

So you do love choodu and FD tool crew... we love you too!!

Brian in Mpls said...

There is hella love brother:) I am counting on you to get us protection when we win the lotto and move to India

karphosite said...

awww thanx so also brought alot of light into my live..lets hope I'll be able to move in fast and be on the net again regularly. Gosh that will be though for an internet addict like me..but yes there is always the light.

Je t'embrasse


Brian in Mpls said...

I will send light till it can be transmitted by ethernet cables and wireless routers and receivers:)

Thanks for being inspirational Anne:)I owe you. Germany in the house!!

Anonymous said...

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