Thursday, January 19, 2006

Risk and Reward

Thought this was interesting...According to a study published in the journal of evolution and human behavior women were given descriptions of fictional men who decided whether or not to engage in physically dangerous activities (Climbing a mountain, traveling alone in dangerous terrain, bungee jumping, jumping into a river to save a child. The ladies admired heroic risks but were reportedly turned off by a pointless daredevil. The logic being that a women wants a mate who is going to survive to continue on to be a good provider.

This got me thinking about risk and reward and why I think this study is bullshit. For one it takes place in a vacuum and two it doesn't account for the motivation and by-product of risk which I would say most women do find attractive.

The first being the primary and the second being a by-product

A person who takes above average risks is confident they believe in themselves enough to think that they can survive and perform better than most. Chances are people who engage in the behaviors listed in the study are also in better shape and more extroverted then the average population. (You are not going to go extreme rock climbing if you are a 100 pounds overweight) Hobbies make people interesting etc. All of these items I would say rank high on the desired qualities scale confidence, Health, Interests, extroversion, Activities etc.
(Ladies feel free to argue)

The by-product of taking risks is also wealth generation(one could argue that this is two different types of risk) But I would say the same belief one has in themselves to climb Everest is the same believe one has in themselves to move jobs across the country be aggressive enough to climb to the top of an industry or create their own industry. Women like good monetary providers and I would conjecture that people who take on slightly more risk that average are wealthier.

Now there is a line...Calculated risk. Had the questions been along the lines of Would you like to mate with a man who likes to sit in the middle of the freeway? I would have given it a chance fortunately those people usually don't live long enough to breed.

So take a chance and be A-G-R-E-S-S- well you know the cheer

PS There was also a question of would you like to mate with someone who has had a lot of other sexual partners or is sexually promiscuous? Almost all respond no....but doesn't the fact that the man had so many partners already say otherwise? If he is able to be promiscuous someone is letting him?

PSS "There is nothing as sincere as a women telling a lie."
Why can't we all just talk about what we really want?


Rocketstar said...

Risk and Reward...

Study takes place in a vacuum? Please explain.

What if the person isn't confident that they can survive these dangerous activities and are just plain stupid for taking the risk?

I think you made some good points but personally I do not think those extreme sports people are truely weighing the risk reward of those activities.

The reward is andrenaline, the risk is death. Is sky diving really worth the risk of death?

On the sex issue, I think you are right on. Male sluts are wanted by females because other females have also wanted him. It's the whole "What am I missing", "I am as desirable as those other women, aren't I?"

Rocketstar said...

I forgot to add...

Hey ladies, I am a whore.

Call Rocketstar at 1-800-Lotta-lovin.


Brian in Mpls said...

You ever seen the groupies at a BMX race? I think they are weighing those options just

dawnmarie said...

Hey, It's looking like I might be able to mak it tonight. I slept in this morning, so I'm working until 6 or 7. depending on when the system goes down. What time are you guys going to be there by? Call me if no one is going...

Brian in Mpls said...

Sweet i am going for sure:) We have a test tonight and this prof gives them at the end of class so you can just leave when you are done...I should be there 8:20 at the latest. Jamie is coming too and maybe even some newbies from class....Kelley was going to Try

Brian in Mpls said... anyone else do this? I just hooked one up..

dawnmarie said...

Have you heard from Josh? Should we call him and guilt him into coming?

I have a myspace, Iv'e never ever put anything on it.

Brian in Mpls said...

I talk to josh he is coming!!!!!

dawnmarie said...

yay! i will be coming. You won't get this until after class..., I'll leave here at 8:15?

no idea. see you later.

Rachel said...

I think there's a degree of stupidity involved with any extreme sport. I see it all as showing off, saying "look how stupid I can be without getting killed."

As for man-whores, I see them as men who don't respect women. I also don't want to catch any diseases.

(and thanks for the toast last night)

Brian in Mpls said...

*I am now glad that I left the fact that I like to wrestle with lions off my profile*

Yeah...Salute or Chin Chin:)

Or hey in espanol

Arriba, Abajo, Acentro, Adento:)