Saturday, January 07, 2006

Is Selling Out Really All Bad?

Brian Johnson On Selling Out:

As some of you might notice this blog is a little different today. Changes in formatting and the addition of a shining new ad courtesy of google in the top. I have taken the plunge albeit a conflicted one to see if I can get paid for writing the nonsense that is in my head. I mean I love to write, so is it that bad if I attempt to get paid for doing what I love? I don't think this is necessarily selling out. I mean as long as I adhere to the writing the same stuff I would for free I am still being honest to myself and that is what it is all about.
The process of selling out interests me and I would love to know what others think..

thoughts that came up in the process and lessons learned.
1.) Always copy HTML to notepad before you make changes to the code. (I should have known better!!!)
2.) This was interesting to me I started to think about signs when I was retyping all of code changes I had made. Yes signs like as in it is a sign from god. The signs where all there for me to stop. (That is if I believed in signs)Code got messed up had to re-type everything, pissed of some people, computer crashed, etc. But then I got really pissed off. Signs suck! There is no such thing for example my tire blow out is not a sign I should stop driving or I wasn't meant to go somewhere it most likely means I need to take better care of the air in my tires. I am not saying signs don't exsist but they are an indicator of controllable factors....Increased storms is not a sign of gods return it is a change in weather patterns that may or may not be caused by global warming.
I mean what if we didn't over come signs like Lance didn't ride again because cancer was telling him not to ride his bike? I mean WTF....
PS. I like that I can work myself up around and issue even when I am alone.


Rocketstar said...

It all depends on what selling out means. I do not think, as is in your case, that you really mena selling out.

I understand "selling out" to mean someone has gone against thier own beliefs/wishes/ideals for the sake of money.

You have not sold out, you are taking advantage of an opportunity to try to make some easy cash, 6 cents at a time.

I have already donated 18 cents to you my friend.

Brian in Mpls said...

Sweet!!! Are you going to do this too?

Rocketstar said...

Most likely, I'm not sure yet.

So when can you cash out?

Brian in Mpls said...

27 cents....that start mailing you your money in the first month you hit $100

karphosite said...

..concerning lessons learnt 2) the signs. Why would you be willing to interpert things that go wrong as signs from God not go go somewhere do something etc...? I would agree that its pointless to promote such ocurrence to godly signs, yet I'm not willing to give up the notions of signs alltogether. I myself believe I was given such a sign during my stay in Vienna in March last year, when I found a tarot card on the street. It was practically placed infront of my feet. It was meant for me as an encouragment to pursue the way I have know what I'm talking about ;)

Brian in Mpls said...

Hi Angelic:) I agree in the sense that we see what we are ready to see for example like when you purchase something you like and then notice everyone has one. You see things all around because you became aware of them. I refer to this sign as the tipping point when you see physically what you are ready to see mentally.....I wonder if this even makes sense?

I guess in this instant I was just struggling with whether to give in or press on and I found myself looking externally instead of internally....and that bothered me.

Maybe I can get you to read for me and we can get this worked out:)

karphosite said...

Oh dear...I wish I could explain it better in English what I meant to say (btw I had to re-read first part of your comment several time till I knew where you were headed..I think lol)..I have the feeling that we are meaning different things..I'll try to work it out for me and then comment again, maybe lol.

Oh and I would love to give you a reading again..its just that you are online at the most improper times for me ;)
Just wait till I get more Angel-Ki practice I will sort you out in no time, hehe.

Brian in Mpls said...

lol...I am excited:)