Monday, December 01, 2008

Week(end) ReCap


Went to the Library and picked up a few books.

Drove to Wisconsin

Crawled into a little room and read

Crawled out drank a bottle of vodka



Crawled into a little room and read


Drank a bottle of vodka

Watched football


Had some cocktails at Billy B's


Partied in downtown Wautoma, Doggers, Billy's, Grims


Crawled into a little room

Finished Reading: Undaunted Courage by Stephen Ambrose - This was a great book the attention to detail was magnificent it honestly made me wish I was part of the exploration into the interior. I also wish I would have picked it up and read it sooner be the 600 pages kind of scared
Finished Reading: Getting Your Shift Together by Liz Pellet (Working this one into my Capstone Project)


Drove back to Minneapolis

Watched some football


houstonmacbro said...

I noticed no Vodka on Fri, Sat, Sun? What gives?

just a girl... said...

you are really freaking me out with the crawled into a little room. Is this like a acid flashback, lol

Ma said...

haha crawled into a little room - I'm guessing maybe this was a hotel room, but calling it that makes it sound oh so much more adventurous

Far said...

yes what is this room you speak of?

Brian in Mpls said... was just a little bed room a little fortress of solitude and it was awesome

Mags said...

I'm way late on commenting and my question was already answered. You're funny...crawled into a little room. Ha!