Friday, December 19, 2008

Blood Clots...

The Kind of Blood Clot You Actually Want.

Hey it is Friday how about some shooters....

Blood Clot
1/3 Jag
1/3 Cherry Dr McGillicutty
1/3 Red bull

Chilled in a shaker..

Enjoyed Quickly

Also heard this called a "Hemorrhage" in different parts of the land....

It is a good mixed crowd social shot. The jag gives it a bite and the redbull and Dr. give it some sweetness so it goes over good in most crowds.

Another good Winter Time Social Favorite is the Ginger Bread Man

1/3 Goldschlager
1/3 Butterscotch schapps
1/3 Baileys

Chilled in a shaker..

or same ingredients in 1/4s with Jag for an Oatmeal Cookie.

1/4 Goldschlager
1/4 Butterscotch schapps
1/4 Baileys
1/4 Jag

Although too much Baileys tends to lead to some internal problems for me so I usually stick to the blood clots.


SS+1 said...

hmmm...I may have to try a blood clot later...however, I may also have to rename it. It just doesn't bode well given my family history! lol

Rocketstar said...

And the funny thing is that it actually helps avoid blood clots as alcohol thins the blood. It sounds interesting

Anonymous said...

The blood clot sounds like a red headed slut...

Brian in Mpls said...

Readheaded slut = Yuck for some reason I can't swallow peach schapps...

I make my red heads like this

1/3 Jag
1/3 Peach schapps
1/3 Canberry juice

BORGHY said...

The Ginger Bread Man sounds kind of good! However, I do not do well with shots any more... I get the "wet drools" and have to force them down.