Saturday, December 20, 2008

WWJHOHI (What would Jesus have on his IPOD?)

I wonder what songs\artist Jesus would have on his IPOD.

The simple answer would be everything but I don't think he would. His actions in the bible seem to signify a tendency for preference of one thing over another such as where he celebrated Passover or who he choice to visit and break bread with or even that he choice bread to break instead of rice to share etc.

This would lead me to believe this preference would also extend to the types of music he listened to.

Now my gut instinctive stereotype would be that it would be filled with Country and Gospel but then how vain would he be to listen to nothing but songs that glorified him?

So then maybe it is just filled with censored music? Show tunes? I wonder how he would feel about Christmas music? Is the catchy version of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer a type of blasphemy?

If you had to create a playlist for JC what would you put on it?


Emily said...

REM - Losing my Religion
Joan Osborne - One of Us
Madonna - Like a Prayer
Kanye West - Jesus Walks

You know, all the regular christian based singers.

Rocketstar said...

gangsta rap, his followers have always ben about assimliating those that do not follow and violence was a mind stay of the methods used.

my name is Amanda said...

Great question - made me LOL (for reals, not just in l33t)!

Jesus is the Son of God, therefore Jesus must have impeccable taste. Which would prevent him from listening to the most execrable of genres, namely: contemporary Christian rock.


Sarah said...

new kids on the block

Coconut said...

Jesus hung out where the prostitutes and criminals were, so I think he would listen to the type of music they liked so he could relate to them.