Thursday, December 11, 2008

Relationship Status and Translations

I was looking at the relationship status on a couple of websites like myspace and facebook recently and I found it curious. Especially the status that says, “I am in a Relationship” I mean isn’t this a little vague? Aren’t we all in relationships with each other? Am I not in a relationship with everyone who reads this blog?

Although granted it the nature of these relationships varies it just seems to general.

Shouldn’t it read:

I have exclusive breeding rights with ______.


I have formally agreed not to cheat on ______.

Some people would opt for the I am in a committed relationship with_______.

But even that seems a little vague since aren’t we all in committed relationships and social structures with each other?

PS Anyone whose status reads, “It’s Complicated” is in an formal breeding right contract and looking to violate the extent of that contract.


Mags said...

This is why my facebook says nothing about my relationship status. But that's mainly b/c I have no idea what to call it! :)

Rocketstar said...

I like the breeding one.

cher said...

Awesome. So true.
I think I'll change my facebook relationship status to "I settled for ______"

SS+1 said...

My facebook status also says nothing.

It's kind of a rediculous aspect to social networking sites...that's just my own little two cents :)

Emily said...

"It's complicated" just means "Please ask me about it because I'm craving attention and need to run my mouth to someone about it." :)

Sarah said...

ha ha ha! emily's right!!

Anonymous said...

Or It's Complicated means that the person I am exclusively committed to is actively looking to violate the extent of that contract.