Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Years Eve and Day

FYI I had a great birthday:) Thanks for all of the wishes. Last night was just the way I wanted it. Nice little dinner @ Bagu and then a few cocktails @ Tailgate in bed early no hang over and feeling good for tonight:)

In other news....

What if the calendars were incremental? What if they never started over again at 1?

What if today was 2009*31 or January 62,279?

Happy Arbitrary Re-Starting of the Calendar Day:)

Wishing You and Yours A Wonderful 2009:)

Brian in Minneapolis


Rocketstar said...

U 2

~Sheila~ said...

Thanks! Ditto!

Emily said...

But who gets to pick what "Day # 1" was? I could see that causing some problems.... :)