Monday, December 08, 2008

Weekend ReCap


Went to the library

“Borrowed” some firewood

Read: Ayn Rands, Anthem. Is it wrong to say she is my hero? I think of her everytime I read the news, listen to talks on bailouts, hear the words taxpayer or community.

I Am, I Think, I Will.

Watched Step Brothers and laughed my ass off. I was a little nervous because I heard this movie sucked maybe going in with low expectations was key but I thought it was great.

Made a fire and slowly drank into the night.


Slept in

Read the WSJ if my work wasn’t covering the cost I would cancel.

Read: Revolutionary Road by Richard Yeates this is right up there with the Corrections as one of the best American family stories I have ever read. It is almost sad that they turned this into a movie recently.

Watched Wanted dumb.

Watched some football

Went to Tailgate


Went to a friends house for bunch

Did some homework and ran a bunch or errands.

Watched some football

Watched Hancock it was alright.


Emily said...

I swear, I think we might be married. Your weekend sounds just like my husband's - lots of movies, books, and football.

Thomas said...

I can't wait to see "Revolutionary Road" later this month. The director directed "American Beauty", one of my all-time favorite movies and Kate and Leo are two of my favorite actors. I'm sure the book is awesome, but I want to see the movie knowing as little as possible.

Far said...

you read a lot huh!
sounds relaxing though

Bill From Gainesville said...

Ayn Rand is my woman also.... Love her thought process.. she is probably rolling over in her grave right now.