Thursday, December 04, 2008

Sour Milk - Career Coaching with Brian in Minneapolis

Brian as a mentor and career coach.

There is only one person in my life for whom, "When are you going to be done with school?" Is a question that I accept as legitimate. And that is because she has a direct stake in my income earning potential that is directly tied to my degree achieving potential and project. For everybody else who asks me this question I look at you like sour milk.

The second you stop going to school. The second you stop reading and taking training courses is very moment an expiration date is written visibly across your body.

You become milk sitting on a shelf..

Milk that eventually will go bad...

For all of the milk out there..

Think back to the last degree you received
Your expiration date is 2 years after graduation.

Think back to the last book you read.
Your expiration date is one month after you closed the cover.

Think back to the last training class you took.
Your expiration date is 6 months after that class.

Take the greatest date..

Write that date in your cube
Write that date on your fridge
Write that date on your bathroom mirror

It is the date that you become sour...

Are you expired?

Think of your education as a stay fresh guarantee...

A zip lock bag you open for potential employers, business partners and investors.

And stop asking people when they will be done with education and start asking them when their expiration date is..


SS+1 said...

well alrighty then!

Ma said...

damn it - I'm too poor to stay fresh

Reggie said...

hmmmm...I wonder if the fact that I am still working on my first degree after 10 years and that I don't expect to finish for another 8 will hold the same allure with your methodology. I'm thinking not so much.

Mags said...

It's true. The other day I was looking through some of my old school books and I just realized how much I miss learning new things. I know, life is a learning game, but I miss organized learning-the act of studying and lecture and debate...I miss it.