Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Reason Why I Am Not a Lawyer #254123

Time Circa 1:30AM
Place: Bar
Situation: Bar Manager in my face and I am holding a lit cigerrette. (Gasp)INSIDE A PUBLIC BUILDING!!

Law lesson #1 - Leverage is everything

Manager: You have to put that out or get the hell out of here.

Brian in Mpls: Why?

Manager: There is no smoking in here

Brian in Mpls: Well I am not smoking, smoking being the act of inhaling and exhaling as you can see I am merely holding this.

Manager: Well why are you holding it?

Brian in Mpls: In case I decide I want to smoke it.

Manager: If you want to smoke it you can't order anymore drinks.

Brian in Mpls: I am putting it out.


Rocketstar said...

Always fighting the man ;o)

Tara said...

LMAO...that was great!

Ma said...

quit smoking already damn it!

Travis Erwin said...

You could always take up dipping and spitting in a clear jar for the bartender to see.

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Too bad....drinks and smokes go so well together, too.

SS+1 said...

that's when you say "fine!" and then have your FRIEND order the drinks...dude never said you couldn't DRINK, he just said you couldn't order ;)

Anonymous said...

This is a losing case you'd never take on as a lawyer.

scargosun said...

Don't fight with the bartender. They hold the liquor. That is like rule #1.