Friday, December 26, 2008

Thank You:)

AW I would not have gotten through this year without you. You were the light in my darkness and I owe you the rest of my life:)

PS, KS, BB, JE, KW-T, MT, MB, AH, RD, ED, MM, LA, DM, SH-M, ML, JW, KW, MB - Thanks for the drinks, the shelter from the storms, putting up with me, challenging me to be better and comforting me when I fall short. You guys are the best.

To Little Sis, MOM, G-Ma and all of my extended and collaboration of family sorry I am such a prick and can be so indifferent thanks for respecting my space and allowing me to live the life I wanted to. You are really special people and I never forget that even if it seems that way.

To everybody @ Cardinal Stritch. (Hey it's accredited) Thanks for a challenging year.

To Tailgate sorry about the tiff this year promise if you get our shirts on time I will never bad mouth you again.

A shout out to the Library on York in Edina thanks for all of the help with research this year.

To all my friends on Face Book, MySpace, Blogspot, Bloglog and readers thanks for making me a part of your world and letting me be a part of yours.


~Sheila~ said...

Merry Christmas Brian in Mpls.

Hope you have a great Holiday Season.

Sarah said...

happy [early] new year, brian!

Ma said...

what's with all the cryptic shout outs?! haha