Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pick a Side - Brothers Grimm vs The People Copy Right Infringment

Sometimes I think it would be interesting to be a lawyer and get to argue a case like this. Clearly they did not create anything or give any royalties to the people who had created the stories that made them a fortune, they merely wrote them down.

The brothers Grimm would win of course but I am not sure I like the implications.

It is not evidence to be used against you until you write it down. Then it becomes legal. Official. You own it for better or worse.

I was thinking of this in relation to this blog.

I am sure many people have the same thoughts of dragging people out of the car that just cut them off and beating them with a rock.

But because I write this here...in this place...I am more guilty somehow then someone who just thinks this.

I wonder if this blog would be protected under my fifth amendment right of self incrimination?

Instead I live in world where what I share, what I vent, what I struggle to find meaning in, where my very honesty will become the cross that I am nailed too.


Rocketstar said...

I am unfamiliar with this case...

BORGHY said...

was that movie any good?

For sure let me know when you are down in Prior Lake, we'll meet up with you.

Ma said...

Ooooo good one! Surely with all the advances in technology there will soon be a way to monitor thoughts and use them as evidence in court too.... haha. Being in the legal field myself now I wish I had the inside scoop on developement...... hmmm maybe since I'm "writing" this here now I will somehow be linked to earning all of the millions this jazzy new invention will make - haha

Bill From Gainesville said...

Writing a blog does have some aspects of that, More on a personal level though. I censor what I say just to stay out of trouble, not so much with the law or anything but with people that know me.

Reggie said...

I was just talking about this the other day...but I didn't take it into the whole Blog-Dimension.

The Brother's Grimm were just really the Walt Disney of their time. The Grimms were able to capitalize on folklore, and Disney from their stories.

It is pathetic, really, that we as humans cannot posses an original thought to save ourselves. So, the fact that we blog means nothing...except that we think our (unoriginal) thoughts are somehow important enough to share.

Anonymous said...

I can write about anything in my life that I want if people talk about it. It is only copyright infringement if I directly copy something that is copywritten already, or that person has the intent to publish their thoughts. The latter would be a civil suit to gain a % of royalties as opposed to something that has copyright. There are some strict standards now that the DMCA has put into place now to figure it all out. :)