Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Brian In Minneapolis: Forward Looking Statement for 2009

Today is my Birthday:) One thing I always do on my birthday is set goals for the coming year.

I am, I think, I will.

What do I want to accomplish with my 31st year on planet earth?

Goals for my 31st Year on this Planet

Read 50 Books.

Take 20 credits worth of classes.

Fence off my back yard.

Place a concrete patio in the back yard.

Get a dog.

Publish one book.

Take Two Trips - Thinking of North Carolina this summer and Arizona this spring.

Pay off another $10,000 in debt and quit being my own worst enemy it absolutely sucks how much crappy credit history can effect your job prospects, especially in this market.

In the fall I would like to redo my basement.Especially, the bar area not really sure how much money or what exactly I will do but at a minimum I want to put my poker table up, wire the basement for TVs and sound maybe put a few small flat screen monitors up, get a few comfy used bar stools. (It kills me to see all of this stuff on Craig's list right now and not be able to afford any of it.) I would like to start having bi-weekly game again by next winter so if you want on the list let me know and I will keep you posted.

Try 24 New Bars or Restaurants.

Sign-Up for some more sports teams.

Upload Videos to the net. (I have never done this before and it is something I want to do)

Register on inventnow.org

Pick two from the following list. (They all cost the same and I want to do them all but I have to narrow this down)
- Renew MPR Membership
- Fencing Lessons
- Join the Masons
- Renew Mensa
- Dance Lessons
- Karate Lessons
- Swedish Institute Membership
- Renew PMI Membership
- Renew Block Buster Movie Membership (F U I like it better then netflicks)

I am going to avoid the Cliches about working out, eating better, losing weight, quitting smoking, saving money etc. Although I wish to do all of these things I am going to try a little different appraoch this year and hope that all of these things will become a by-product of another goal for example...

Get a dog = Walk More(Exersize) Come home to let him out (Leave the bar early and don't stay out so late = Save money)

Remodel Basement and Patio = More entertaining at home. (Save money + increase home value)

Kickball = Exersize + Social +Fun

Get the idea?


Rocketstar said...

Happy Birthday hombre and good luck on the goals.

Kristi said...

31? Damn you're old.

Cheri said...

Happy Birthday sexy pants

Emily said...

I love the list. I need to take some pointers from you on this.

Helen said...


Your blog is one of my daily reads.
So enjoyable...be good to yourself.
Take care,


Sarah said...

happy birthday, dude.

BORGHY said...


Charlotte said...

There is a fencing club on 48th and Chicago, and it's somewhat reasonable, as far as things go where you get lessons. If you need a fencing onesie, I have one that will probably fit you--I ordered it too big, as well as a mask. I'd give it to you in exchange for a bottle of vodka. I'm keeping the foil, though. :)