Saturday, May 05, 2007

My Favorite Books List

Some Titles of Works of Fiction I would Recommend (Not in any particular order)
1.) Choke
2.) Diary
3.) Haunted
4.) Lullaby
5.) Survivor
6.) Invisible Monsters
7.) Fight Club
8.) The unbearable lightness of being
9.) One Hundred Years of Solitude
10.) Incognito
11.) Another Road Side Attraction
12.) Even cowgirls Get the Blues
13.) Confederacy of Dunces
14.) The sun also rises
15.) For whom the bell tolls
16.) I know why the caged bird sings
17.) Short Happy Life of Francis McComber (short story by Hemmingway)

Titles of Works of Non-fiction I would recommend

1.) Origins of Virtue
2.) The Red Queen
3.) Fast Food Nation
4.) Reffer Madness
5.) The women of Mustang Ranch
6.) The End of Faith
7.) Freakanomics
8.) Brind Down the House
9.) Street Soliders
10.) The Blank Slate
11.) The elegant Universe
12.) The World is Flat
13.) The Lexus and the olive Tree
14.) Negitive Ethnicity
15.) The PRince
16.) The Art of War
17.) The Color of Water
18.) Super Size Me
19.) The Rise of the Creative Class
20.) The Flight of the Creative Class
21.) Basic Economics
22.) Strange Days Dangerous Nights (For Minnesotans Only)


the108 said...

Great book lists!!!

You mentioned For Whom the Bell Tolls which is one of my favorites although I also am a big fan of A Farewell tO arms. So much so that if my unborn child was a boy, I wanted to name him Henry.

Man, this makes me want to go to southern spain, drink shitloads of absinthe and eat eggs with mustard on them.

Dean says he can always tell when I've been reading Hemmingway because I will start asking for cheese and

Little Sis said...

Ok, so now I will have to check out Strange Days Dangerous nights. I am addicted to books based in MN. lol. I know I'm a nut. But Tami Hoag rights some good ones based in Minneapolis.(fiction)

Brian in Mpls said...

It is a picture book of flash photography from the 40's through the 70's of crimes and stuff that happened in Minneapolis and St. Paul it is great I have an extra copy I will slip you when you come visit

Mags said...

#8 and #16 on your fiction list are wonderful-can't wait to check out the others!

Little Sis said...

Hey, that would be awesome. Thanks! We just have to drag Rocket out with us. I haven't been "out" with my big brother since my dad, him, and I went and saw the Samples at First Ave! That was pre-Logan!::hint, hint, big brother:: ;)

Little Sis said...

grr I just read my first comment, I know it was supposed to be writes not rights. Bleh. Damn sinus medication...

Rocketstar said...

Nice lists...

Gilbert said...

I found some great fiction book reviews. You can also see those reviews in Non fiction book