Friday, May 11, 2007

Does This Mean Anything to Anyone?

Junkyard with MS? - Just trying to figure out who sent this and what I am supposed to do. It looks me if it was you:)


Mags said...

Uh...if I say yes and make something up will you kiss me?

the108 said...


You're killing all the progress I have made making Brian fall in love with me!

I take your kiss and raise you one blow job.

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do :-)

Mags said...

Yes, but let me remind you-you already have a man.

I have to win sometimes. Brian is my secret lover, and he is in love with me.

Got it?


dawnmarie said...

Girls, all it takes for brian to fall is breathing. Trust me, I've seen him in action.

Natty said...

Sorry Ladies I'm part Gin, Sherry and Orange Bitters..I think he is all mine...(hehehe).

Brian in Mpls said... read the tuxedo:)

Truth be told I have an absolutly wonderful woman in my life who I would be lost without:)

Natty said...

awww ain't that

the108 said...

Oh, Brian.... your mom doesn't count :-)

plusultra said...

What is your secret with the ladies Brian?