Monday, May 07, 2007


What is the worst prank that you have ever pulled on someone?


the108 said...

The worst prank I ever played on someone was the time I made a pie with dog shit in it and then placed it in a Wal Mart bakery pie container and left it on someone's porch.

I ate the Walmart pie. Pumpkin. It was good.

The pie I left on this person's porch, I left with a note that I signed, "From your new neighbors.... enjoy!"

UnionMan1864 said...

I went to a boy scout camp when I was younger. we were seperated in these patrols and I remember that blue patrol were being complete asses the entire week. So on one of the later nights I rounded up everyone in my patrol and came up with a plan to get back at them. We had saved our orange ration the entire week. I had remembered I still had a train whistle in my camping back pack. So the idea was that when I blew the whistle we would throw the oranges while we had encircled them. After I blew the whistle I remember one of the kids sitting at a picnic table had said "what's that sound?" with a confused look on his face, right before a heavy orange hit him square in the head. After we had thrown a couple of oranges each, I blew the whistle again, which was the signal to return to our campsite. Then in the morning at the flag ceremony, they were limping and said that they hurt all over. Needles to say, they kept their mouths shut the rest of the week.

SherBears said...

I told my ex and the entire blogging community that I'm pregnant. I'm not.

That would have been a great prank.

Rocketstar said...

the108, are you kidding? Did yoou mix the shit in with the regular ingredients?

Remind never to cross unionman.

The only thing that I can think of is when I sent in a few fire crackers into the bathroom (that was completely tiled) and closed the dorr on my roomate while he was taking a shower.

He nearly shit the shower and lost his hearing.

Brian in Mpls said...

You guys are awesome!!!

Mags said...

I aint never pulled no pranks on no one.

(Why I feel like I need to say that in white trash speak-I dunno)

Actually-the only pranks I ever pulled were to get people to surprise parties. I once told my boyfriend that someone broke into my house to get him to come over.

He walked in with a big honkin' log ready to pound some intruder. Even though I was in the house alone.


the108 said...

Rocket... yes. Of course!! The one thing I forgot to do though was take the sticker off the pie box that said Pumpkin on it. I'm sure they just assumed it was a wal mart foul up.