Monday, May 21, 2007

The Smell of Joy

Have you ever noticed that when you pop a bag of popcorn at work lots of people come around? I personally love the smell of popcorn. It reminds me of movies that I have seen, camping, carnivals, festivals, concerts all happy memories enforced and ingrained in my mind with the smell of popcorn.

Some interesting popcorn facts....

1.) I hate the smell of burned popcorn
2.) If they had vitamin popcorn I would live off of it
3.) I can't eat just one piece at a time...I am a stuffer
4.) I like butter
5.) I sometimes like to put M&M's in with the popcorn
6.) I like how it dissolves on my tongue if I just leave it
7.) I will throw some Tabasco on it from time to time
8.) I had a bag dumped over my head in Jr. High at a movie because I was "getting fresh"
9.) I like bars that have popcorn for free...Williams was my favorite till i got too old to go there.
10.) I also like Carmel corn....but only on a rare occasion


the108 said...

I like popcorn, too, but I like allll kinds. Kettle corn, smartfood, caramel, you name it.

LOL @ getting fresh.That sounds very melodramatic of her to dump popcorn on your head. Giggle.

Mags said...

I was just making a cake and I
seemed to have spilled some melted
butter all over myself...


Brian in Mpls said...


I tried to run from first base to second and apparently was not listening to the base coach but rather the bat boy;)

EC said...

I'm a stuffer too - I can't stand those people who eat one at a time!! That is just so un-american!!

Little Sis said...
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Little Sis said...

Mmmm..popcorn. I can make a meal out of popcorn and often do. Sounds like the one who dumped popcorn on you taught you a lesson...practice makes perfect ;)