Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pony Up At the Pump

Low Gas Prices Are Only Good For Detroit

Gas prices should be at $5.46 a gallon

Artificially low gas prices are bad for everyone for the following reasons.

1.) They stifle creativity. If we were forced to pay the true cost of gas we would see more incentive for development of alternative fuels and more network electronics since telecommuting would become more attractive.

2.) It keeps people dependent on a product that funds regimes that have severe violations of human rights records. (Not that the US has a stellar one)

3.) It allows for the "great white flight" from our cities to continue. The loss of capital causes a cycle of poverty in the inner city that leaves us all at a disadvantage and also creates more tax burden on everyone in the form of welfare subsides.

4.) People drive more congesting roads and destroying our environment.

5.) People are not getting enough exercise...walk to the store, bar, work or ride a bike...if you don't live close enough to do this move where you can.

6.) It impoverishes our cities infrastructure since it is not economically feasible to do mass transit for medium size cities that would be more efficient.

You are already paying this amount in the form of taxes on the front end in the form of government subsidies to oil companies who are producing record profits...does that seem right? I really don't care if you want to live in Timbuktu....but you should have to shoulder the cost of that decision.

Oil Subsidies

Gouging is ok


Mags said...

I like that one of your labels is "Gouging is OK"

Lucidiocy said...

Did you watch, "Who Killed the Electric Car"?

Talk about stifling creativity...

Sarah said...

but i wanna drive my giant SUV all over the place? just kidding...

Rocketstar said...

The oil debacle is a complicate one for sure. What happens if it does hurt domestic oil and we are more reliant on foreign oil, then they have us even more by the balls than now.

We are spoiled for sure, Europeans are paying $7 a gallon.