Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Difference Between Men and Women #456

Have you ever heard a man complain about how much pain his varicose veins are causing? Or how unsightly his legs appear because of them?

Recommendation: Wear thigh highs if you have them...imagine how much more appealing nursing homes would be if all the old ladies had thigh high stockings on with little skirts? With the advent of Viagra it might just become the hottest place to be....I can picture all of the old guys knocking the old ladies false teeth on the ground and when they bend over to pick them up wham!

And yes I realize young people (25-55) get them too....but then they should be wearing thigh highs and skirts already so I didn't feel the need to talk about that.


Simply Jolene said...

you are so funny

the108 said...

You may have just inspired todays post at

You blow my mind. I honestly think that you and I would wreak some serious havok if left unattended in each other's company. I tell Dean that I have found my male counterpart. And because I think I'm so fucking awesome, this means that you are fucking awesome as well.

You know... Phil was a vericose vein, I learned. Butt-roids are nothing more than vericose veins of the butt. At least I took mine like a man.... right??

the108 said...

Just when you were probably thinking about how sexually attracted to me you are, I had to go and mention butt-roids and ruin the moment.


Brian in Mpls said...

I knew I had a twin seperated at

Yes it is good you took it like a man that makes it super hot

Natty said...

The visual wooo...old ladies need to stay away from short skirts .

Ps :::tx for stopping by...if you like you can add me,,I will add you for sure I am hooked on Brian!!