Thursday, May 10, 2007

Technical Question

I currently use Google Reader to manage my blog subscriptions and keep up to date with all of the you and your writing. I like this feeder because it integrates so well with my iGoogle desktop and gives me a nice view of all of my applications in one spot. There is a feature that is missing that I am sorely in search of though and with that here comes my technical question.

Do any of you use a reader or feeder that allows you to tag and receive comments as they are updated by certain users? (I have seen a few that update you when ever comments are added but I want to be able to select the users that I want to see what they say.)

I know that there are millions of different feed services and don't want to sift through all of them if someone has one that has this feature that they like.
(If anyone has one let me know)


Mags said...

Hi. I use Bloglines and I think there are added features like that, but I don't use them. I just use it to see when people have updated...

Natty said...

Good Question Brian ..I would like to know also.

I use Blogline..but it's very confusing to me, I don't know why it is thou, I know I'm not slow,lol but that site sure does make me feel a little (deetedee).