Thursday, May 24, 2007

Random Thought on Bumper Lanes

Some co-workers (And I say co workers because I have a hard time spelling colleagues and generally reserve that term for people I like at work) were talking about bowling and how cute it was that their kids use the bumper lanes...

This led to two thoughts.

1.) Wouldn't it be fun if there was a bumper lane on the highway for drunk driving? You keep them off the road and think of all the money you would save on cabs!!

2.) They say it is to teach the kids to have fun and so it doesn't hurt their self esteem...We have too many people in this country who think that Freedom and Fun are synonymous and most of these little pricks could use a good bubble burst. First throwing a gutter and failing are not bad things...IT IS HOW WE LEARN.


Little Sis said...

I agree that it is how we learn as far as the bumpers on bowling go. I don't think it would be smart to have them for drivers though. LOL you still have to worry about others on the road Brian! If we put bumpers on the roads, does that mean we'd give drivers licenses to 12 year olds too?

Maybe Logan could start bringing me to own little personal chauffeur! LMAO!

the108 said...

Excellent point about allowing children to fail once in a while. It teaches them how to work harder to reach their goals.

Thomas said...

Damn you, Brian, and your pic-heavy blog. I no longer can imagine the things you write about since you are now posting pics of everything you discuss.

~paige~ said...

and as a non-parent i see too many times, parents (none that i blog with so no one get your darn back up) that think every little thing their children does is absolutely the cutest thing.
i say if they get the damn bumpers, i should get the damn bumbers. i suck at bowling. yet once a year i love it

dawnmarie said...

Gutter balls (metaphorical or otherwise) are how we learn. But sometimes, fun is just fun, and 20 gutterballs in a row isn't fun.

But I don't think they're cute? Shwa?